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Theatre Under Quarantine:

An Exciting Project Coming Soon!

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Anyone doubting if theatre is still alive and well can rest assured that there are creative minds out there still cooking up some really cool events. With the imminent threat of COVID-19 hitting the arts community hard, theatre has taken great leaps to maintain creative integrity in an online platform. 


Since the closure of Broadway on March 12th of this year, theaters across the country swiftly followed suit, closing all non-profit shows, educational theatre, and large-scale productions. The effects are still being felt months later, with many creatives out of work nationwide, and an unprofitable climate even if theaters were given the go-ahead to reopen with social distancing. However, amongst all the dark days in the theater, transformations have been afoot amongst many artistic mediums, ensuring the well-known belief that theatre will never die. 


It appears that the arts have always unknowingly been shapeshifters, adapting, and evolving to blend in seamlessly with our ever-changing world. Many theatrical organizations have begun to host online workshops, events, and even performances to bridge the gap as the world awaits a vaccine for COVID-19. Educational institutions are allowing their students to explore the multitude of being artistic creators; testing new online mediums of performance, creating virtual “experiences”, and even exploring the avenue of interactive online exhibits. Amongst these pioneers of art is a new group, who call themselves the Knave of Hearts, who claim to have an ace up their sleeves. 

The Knave of Hearts, a self-proclaimed group who surfaced shortly after the novel coronavirus outbreak, are very close to releasing their first online exhibit. The exhibit is very under wraps; and was scheduled to be announced later this week. However, after an image marketing the project was leaked early to their social media (linked below), the group has since given an exclusive interview and statement for official release. “Here’s the tea for you, don’t spill it” the Artistic Creator told New News.


The event will be a little over two hours long, and is being hosted through The USC School of Dramatic Arts; one of the many educational institutions paving the way for theatre post COVID-19 (though the school has disclosed that they are not involved in the content of the event). The event is said to be interactive and thought provoking, with creative visuals and twists and turns you never saw coming. “This (event) should make you feel like you’re stepping into a new element; a true test of humanity’s ability to Wake Up, and use their imagination.” an inside source told New News. 


The event is set to go live on October 6th, and be one of the most riveting experiences since quarantine began. If you think you’re up for a creative challenge, visit the School of Dramatic Arts website to be the first to witness this one-of-a-kind experience. Don't forget to check them out on social media for the launch! You won’t want to miss it!


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